We offer a range of customized cloud solutions combined with all-in-one 3D capture and scanning services to help manage and document existing properties as well as new construction projects.

Digitize your architectural and MEP assets with built in functionality. Generate 3D walk-through tours with 360 degree views, 4K print quality photos, schematic floor plans, OBJ files, XYZ point clouds, videos, and other media.

BORP – Building Operations Resource Platform. What does this mean? Organize critical equipment and systems documents; approved shop drawings, contract documents, commissioning documents (balancing reports, start up reports), installation/operation/maintenance manuals….etc.

BORP brings your building design efficiency back into focus.

Call us today and BORP your building details.


Let us build a Digital Twin of your MEP system and take virtual tour that can be easily navigated like Google street view for interior spaces. Share and collaborate, conduct site visits from the comfort of the office. Cut travel costs to site, expedite bids and improve site coordination.


Have all your building assets in digital form, system components tagged and organized in one location. Identify key system components, parts and maintenance details. Conduct equipment and building system training remotely.


Import a variety of assets generated from the initial 3D scan such as XYZ point cloud for BIM data. Replace missing drawings and specs with accurate digital as-builts to be used during design, construction and operation phase of your building life cycle.

Industrial, Institutional, Commercial , High-Rise Residential

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